Life Lessons: ​You can’t always win, even in difficult times you can learn from your challenges. Even “the best” was not born ready- they worked for it.

Physical Benefits: ​Improved muscle control Faster reflexes Greater hand/eye coordination Increased endurance Strength building / overall fitness
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Social Benefits Be part of a team Role models / mentoring from elders Re-enforcement strong character and morale Respect for training partners Builds self-esteem and character.


Mental Benefits: Mental balance and clarity Better focus Problem solving / decision making skills Discipline and commitment to the sport Motivation to succeed / progress through the belt hierarchy.


A good instructor’s main goal is not to build champions of tournaments, but to build champions of life. 

Every class and activity is highly related to day to day realities- jiu jitsu helps to prepare kids for their futures
​with the mental and physical strength and agility in the future in a safe, fun environment.

Jiu Jitsu has several benefits for kids, far beyond learning martial arts techniques.  It offers an opportunity for to learn healthy lifestyle habits, build friendships, and for parents to bond with their children. 

​It also offers: